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We cover Derby, Wolverhampton, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield and Walsall

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Wholesale & Retail Poultry Farm in Nantwich

Creag Mhor Poultry is a family run business, situated in the heart of the rolling Cheshire countryside, just outside Nantwich. We cover a large area of Derby, Wolverhampton, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield and Walsall. We supply a wide range of commercial brown and popular coloured hybrid pullets from the age of about 14 weeks old and we can supply both the wholesale and retail markets.

We have wholesale customers nationwide so anybody requiring just a small number of birds from us could probably find a dealer with our birds nearby or if not nationwide delivery can easily be arranged using our reliable courier service.

Creag Mhor Poultry is open 7 days a week but it is necessary to call on the mobile to arrange a time before coming to ensure somebody will be available to greet you. 

All our birds are fully vaccinated to ensure that birds are always fit and healthy. We supply day old chicks of all the breeds we sell and also ducklings at day old for laying or the table.

Our speciality is the Cheshire Blue, Blue Egg laying hybrid which is bred exclusively 
at Creag Mhor and is supplied to customers all over the country. Please note that any genuine Cheshire Blue pullet available must have originated at Creag Mhor.

Anybody requiring any extra information regarding purchasing poultry should not hesitate to contact us by telephone and with around 30 years of poultry rearing and breeding experience we will give any advise we can to help you in coming to a decision on your final choice.

Phone: 01270 820 626

Monthly Availability 

  • All breeds currently available from 1st of August 2017 to
    30th of September 2017
  • Commercial brown hybrids currently available 
  • Next Bantams available from February 2018, silkies, pekins and crested polish
 Weekly Availability May Vary But Can Be Confirm By Telephone.
Cheshire Blue pullets are now available during August and September 2017.

Please ring for details.
  • Anybody requiring 30 or more pullets is advised to book in advance
Cheshire blue chick availability 

Cheshire blue day old chicks will be available from October 2017 until May 2018 and should be ordered by phone. 

We are also introducing new coloured egg layers to our range. One of these is another blue egg laying hybrid called Russet Blue which is brown bird and the other is Russet Green which is a brown bird which lays green eggs.

For more details on these new breeds please call the mobile 07946 761 435.


In most cases we can deliver birds nationwide using a licensed poultry courier. Payment must be made before the birds are delivered.

We can also supply poultry housing and a range of feed and accessories including feeders, drinkers, and flee and mite treatments.

If you need advice on poultry farming, see our notes for beginners.
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Interested in buying a chicken? Call Creag Mhor Poultry for all your poultry farming enquiries on
07946 761 435
We cover Derby, Wolverhampton, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield and Walsall.
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