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Our Birds

Black Rock
Black Rock - bred in Scotland. Black birds, chestnut plumage in neck and breast. These are purpose bred free-range hens showing excellent egg laying qualities.
Bovans Nira
Bovans Nira - very similar in appearance to the Black Rock. A very good utility hen, laying large numbers of large brown eggs.
Utility Light Sussex
Utility Light Sussex - a large white hen, with black feathering in the neck and tail, looking almost identical to the traditional Light Sussex, showing good egg laying ability, and laying brown eggs.
Magpies - large, mostly black hen, with white flecking in the neck and breast plumage. Another good utility bird, laying large to extra large brown eggs. Quiet nature.
Speckledies - black and grey speckled hen, a hybrid from the Maran. These birds should lay more eggs than the traditional Maran, although only about half of them will produce eggs of a darker brown colour.
Bluebelles - large, quiet, slate grey hen with a darker head. Bred from the Rhode Island Red. Lays a good number of large brown eggs.
Blacktails - medium sized brown hen with a black tail. Good free-range bird with a friendly nature. Similar in appearance to the Columbian Blacktail.
White Star
White Star - pure white bird, comparatively smaller than the other hens we stock. Very similar to the White Leghorn, a lively bird, laying a large number of mostly large white eggs. Early to mature and is a fantastic layer.
Amber - heavier than the White Star, but also a good laying hybrid. A mostly white hen, with varying amounts of brown flecking. Large, quiet birds.
Red Star
Red Star - good egg laying hybrid. Quiet and inquisitive nature, laying mostly large to extra large eggs.
Warrens - traditional egg laying hybrid, laying a large number of large brown eggs. Excellent egg layer especially in the first 12 months. Egg quality can decrease in second year. Very quiet and friendly nature.
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